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media. innovation. investments. is a technology incubator and investment company for new digital business models. We realize our own digital ventures and support startups and established companies in the development of digital business processes and in building impressive product and brand experiences.

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„Our goal is to provide new ways of creating value for our customers and our organization through new marketing and innovation practices. We prefer validated learning over opinions and conventions. In doing so, we focus on flexible, iterative planning instead of big budget-eating campaigns. Many small experiments create a better understanding of the customer as opposed to a few big activities.“

- Michael Schmitt, CEO

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Digital innovation and technology strategies.

We validate your idea, understand the problem as well as the benefit and translate your solution into a concept, which we test quickly. Together, we analyze all technical and market opportunities and translate them into an innovation and technology strategy for your company.

Product development for the digital future.

We support you to validate your ideas, to test your business models and to create products that inspire people. We work with you to develop new media formats, great software as a service applications, content-driven eCommerce and eConsulting solutions, and scalable marketing technologies.

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Marketing of new products and services.

What works for others does not have to work for your company. Your target group is different, your product is different, your customer journey is different, your business model is different, your company is different. That's why the process comes first. Marketing is changing almost daily in the digital world. The process remains.

Our ventures for a digital future.

Venture: storyliner

storyliner accompanies you in an artificial intelligence-backed creation process with inspiration, tips, and recommendations, as well as constant feedback on your content quality — the result: professional content at a fraction of the cost.

Create compelling content


The Social News App aggregates and curates the most important content and latest news in your industry. Take advantage of great features to handle the flood of information and stay connected in the changing digital world.

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You want to shape your digital future?

Do you have an ambitious vision and need support fullfilling it? Do you drown in data and the enormous amount of digital technologies? We help you with design thinking, digital technologies and creative marketing to develop and validate your business model. Let's work together to shape the digital future.

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